Friday, December 25, 2009

MAAP Class of 2014

Instead of figuring out how could I renew my blog in every aspect I can think of, I decided first to post this, because many are asking for this(though nevertheless it will of no sense this time because the last examinations was over).

To all the patient persons who commented in my sites and who was wasking about the results of class 2014, here it is, click here.

Or if you want to check out yourself about your various inquiries visit the maap website directly.

I am deeply apologizing for the delay, I,however was trying my best to help everyone.

Hope this can help anyway.

Good day everyone.



Wow, it's no nice to be back in the blogosphere.

I never imagine I can take several months without wandering in this world.

Hey pal, life is nuts. My last post was about the entrance examination in MAAP,and now voila, I am now a fourthclass cadet in the said academy. The academy who put the crust in the icing, that's how to put it. Perhaps it will safe to say that it just emphasized things I and many ,if not all, have been taking for granted in my previous stay in my ego.

Yes, definitely, the RHYTHMIC CHAOS is back from the grave, a grave full of treasures(what a grave?!).

And guess what?, I have with me numerous lessons, realizations, failures, sacrifices, witty outloooks, and lot more of YOU-SHOULD-READ-THIS packs.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific Class of 2013 results

This past days I have been receiving numerous page turns due to this awaited news in the web. The Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific entrance examination results. This is the anticipated news of those who give efforts in participating in the entrance requirements. Furthermore, I, also is much glad with upcoming official list of the MAAP Class of 2013.

It has been months since our last trip to Cebu for the physical examinations. I am just privileged to pass the preliminary tests in our region, and much more lucky to go to Cebu for the final screening. Well, even for the preliminary tests I fell like almost going there. I meet new personalities. More and more of interesting individuals. Actually,we are the first batch to be going in MAAP consisting of 5oo aspiring seafarers. I was I've heard, there are only 200 students in one batch. but this time the faculty decided to add more students.

Oh, sorry, far going away from my topic. Oh yeah, many are inquiring for the results. The Final Passers. Accordingly, the faculty who initiate the tests in Cebu said the official list of passers will be announced during the third week of march, and with that it seems that the faculty had been delaying the results. On the other side, the faculty never said that the results will be announced in the net, so it may be likely to be air mailed. And if so, there maybe some delayed in the post office.

I don't know. With this post I just want to know others passers opinion also. If they know the results. To those passers who check my site hope we will meet. Don't worry if I know anything that will be of much use to everyone I'll post right away. Thank You!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rhythmic Chaos reVITALIZED


Hai there Fellows! Well, I've been away from blogging for so long and I missed it so much.

Actually I am currently busy with some scholarly stuffs(for me those are nonsense,psh). But due to some folks who commented on my last post, I got this funny feeling. There are loooooottttsss of reason why I been offline. Don't worry I will tell you some interesting part of it. But for now I am just screaming to the world that my blog Rhythmic Chaos is ,again, alive!

So much for that talk. I thank much those that never cease to always give a punch in my mind. There are lots of people who keep humiliating me.haha. Though now my mind is telling me that I am a PERPETUAL LOSER, I still manage to act normally, though it really hurts tremendously inside. I am not an Emu, pleas don't get me wrong but it just that it's really what's happening.

But hey, I am still alive. I can thive again this world, don't worry.

Don't forget to remind everyone that Rhythmic Chaos is reVITALIZED.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2008 MAAP(Maritime Academy of Asia and the PAcific) Results, I pass!

The Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific(MAAP) recently conducts an Entrance Examination in our region last September. It was held in the Notre Dame of Dadiangas University-High School Department. It was participated by a number of hopeful aspirants from different social backgrounds, and at last the results now are here.

For the Official MAAP Entrance Examination Results Click HERE

Oh my God, I can't believe it, I definitely passed the entrance Examination. I'm not really focused on it, because I want to stay in our place for very private matters, that's why I just take the exam lightly. But ,maybe this is my destiny, the day were on a Boy Scout matters, one of my friends approach me and handed me a paper. To my surprise its the MAAP results, or as they often call it, the 2013 Class Of applicants, oh yes I truly passed the preliminary Test.

And until now I'm still on a cloud Nine, haha. We are four From our School who take the Exam but unfortunately only three of us make it. That's me, Bientot, Mr. Bryan Tunguia, and Mr. Gwenathan Antheo Lorca. Yes we are of those bruty types, if you have come to see us three walking in the lane you would probably said that we, three can block the sun from shining(OA), yes but that's true, we are all three possesses the height requirements and even ,yeah, were tall indeed.

But the unhappy part of the shimmering news is that we three need to go to Cebu to have our last Examination there, that will cost much, OMG. And the other sad part is our Christmas party(tentative) is set on December 19, and only I of the the three is scheduled on December 21, and the other two is on 22, which means I'll miss my party just to go there because the over-all trip takes days, and money.

But all in all that is indeed a very good news, even though it never crossed my mind to become a seafarer that is still okay, maybe that the career set for me.

Life is indeed surprising, who could think that I will be ending up in this kind of endeavor, but who knows you may also be astound of the road you will later take on your life. But as the old saying goes "Nasa Diyos and awa, nas tao ang gawa".

Have a nice day everyone.

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